- Stimulate the continued evolution and reach of the art form
- Support people interested on CI in their learning, practice and exchange of ideas
- Sustain an inclusive practice that embraces diverse ability with values of equality and respect amongst all people.

Contact·teu is an organization born with the willingness to support ongoing Movement Improvisation practice with a special focus on Contact Improvisation. We  to stimulate continue to consolidate and spread Contact improvisation in Spain, creating international events that contemplate not only technical aspects from this practice, but also artistic and social ones.


· CI as an artistic practice; Improvisation is the action of instant creation of meaning. It is an artistic exercise that contributes to the symbolic world with ephemeral creativity; both when we move improvising, or when we observe other movers improvise, we are witnessing human ability   to give shape to ideas and sensations, to make concrete that what is intangible.  Contact Improvisation offers the opportunity to give into that process of listening and transforming our own ideas, while stimulating the emergence of a dialogue that transcends individuality to join a much bigger phenomenon; the group as a creative micro cosmos.

· CI as a social practice; when we share an space open to people from all nationalities, ages and abilities to participate from their experience, we are opening dialogues to the diversity of human experience and we are able to comprehend, through the moving body, the central place that Respect must occupy in every society.

· CI as a culture; Contact·teu celebrates the individual, the group and the cultural diversity manifested in the infinity of bodies and movements. We think that we are what we do. When we move with respect towards self and with equal attention and respect towards others, we are contributing to a better world, more open, conscious and supportive.

About us...

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